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Blog Post #27: Interview with Grace Erny of Archaeology after School

In our second instalment of our New Projects Series for the month of May, we bring you an interview with Grace Erny, member of the Archaeology After School team. Here she tells us all about their new pilot project to provide a free enrichment program focused on Greek archaeology and cultural heritage for middle school and high school students.

Blog Post #24: The Nile and Ancient Egyptian Lifeways, with Christine Johnston

In our next instalment of our Earth Day posts, Peopling the Past video producer, Christine Johnston, discusses her research interests on the Nile and its place in ancient Egyptian culture and economy. Dr. Johnston is the recent co-editor of the volume, “The Gift of the Nile? Ancient Egypt and the Environment”, with Thomas Schneider.

Image of the Month

William the Hippo, the informal mascot of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. William is a 20cm long figurine from Egypt, dating to the period of the Middle Kingdom. He is made of faience, a glass-like material made of ground quartz, and is decorated with images of lotus flowers (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, inv. 17.9.1)


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