Peopling the Past Blog Post #44: A Round-Up of Our Year

Its our final blog post of the year and Peopling the Past is giving you a round up of all the exciting things we’ve undertaken in 2021. Come catch up with us and check out all of the incredible content we’ve created this year.

Blog Post #43: Graduate Student Feature with Annissa Malvoisin

In this week’s Peopling the Past blog post, we present you with another graduate feature. This week we are highlighting the work of Annissa Malvoisin, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto, whose research investigates the ceramic production and trade industry during Meroitic Nubia and its potential far-reaching networks linking Nile Valley civilizations Egypt and Nubia to Iron Age West African cultures in Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Ghana, and Libya.

Peopling the Past Blog #42: Graduate Student Feature with Alice Clinch

This week on the Peopling the Past blog we feature an interview with Alice Clinch, PhD candidate at Cornell University and Leverhulme Trust SAS Fellow. Alice discusses the questions she brings to the procurement, production, and use of various materials, from plaster to marble, bridging the art-science divide in approaching archaeological material.


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