Video #1: Disability in Ancient Greece with Dr. Debby Sneed

Photo of Dr. Debby Sneed
Dr. Debby Sneed

In this video, Dr. Debby Sneed discusses the study of disability and accessibility in the ancient Greek world, including the construction of ramps at the healing sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus!

Dr. Sneed is an archaeologist at California State University, Long Beach. She has excavated in Greece, Italy, and Ethiopia and in her research, she studies disability and accommodations for disability in ancient Greece.

Looking for additional resources relating to this video? Check out this article by Dr. Sneed.

Debby Sneed, “The architecture of access: ramps at ancient Greek healing sanctuaries.” Antiquity 94 (2020): 1015-1029.

A Descriptive Transcript for this video can be found HERE

Further Reading

Susan Deacy, Autism and Classical Myth

Martha L. Rose, The Staff of Oedipus: Transforming Disability in Ancient Greece (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press), 2003.

Annie Sharples, “Survival of the Fittest? Experiencing Disability in Antiquity,” on

Online Resources


Disability History and the Ancient World

Blog: A Brief Guide to Disability Terminology and Theory in Ancient World Studies by Alexandra F. Morris and Debby Sneed

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