Peopling the Past, Podcast #5: Building a Mystery: Festival Processions with Laura Gawlinski

Dr. Laura Gawlinski walking the path to the ancient sanctuary
Dr. Laura Gawlinski walking the path to the ancient sanctuary (Photo: Jen Palinkas)

On this episode of the Peopling the Past Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Laura Gawlinski, Associate Professor in the Department of Classical Studies at Loyola University Chicago and a long-time supervisor of the excavations in the Athenian Agora.

Follow along as she discusses the role of processions and festivals in the ancient Greek world, highlighting her own research on the so-called mysteries of Andania, a little-known festival in Messenia, southern Greece.

Want to learn more? Check out these related books and articles by Dr. Gawlinski.

Laura Gawlinski and Megan Cifarelli. What Shall I Say of Clothes? Theoretical and Methodological Approaches to the Study of Dress in Antiquity. BostonVol. 3 (2017)

The Sacred Law of Andania: A New Text with Commentary. Berlin (2012)

 “The Athenian Calendar of Sacrifices: A New Fragment from the Athenian Agora.” Hesperia 76, 2012.

Looking for a transcript of this episode? Click here.
Additional Resources Related to this Episode

The Corpus of Greek Ritual Norms has the inscription with text, translations (English and French) and commentary.

Links to Pleiades for the locations:




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