Podcast #7: No Bones about it: Climate Change in the Ancient World with Flint Dibble

Photo of Dr. Flint Dibble
Dr. Flint Dibble
Dr. Dibble’s Academic Pages

Official Dartmouth Profile

Personal Website: http://flintdibble.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlintDibble

On this week’s episode of the Peopling the Past Podcast, we hear from Dr. Flint Dibble, Lecturer in the Department of Classical Studies at Dartmouth College. Dr. Dibble is a Classical archaeologist, who’s research focuses on food in ancient Greece. He is also the co-Field Director of the Histria Multiscalar Archaeological Project in Romania

Join us, as Dr. Dibble discusses his work on zooarchaeology and climate change in the Iron Age.

Want to learn more? Check out these articles by Dr. Dibble:

New data from old bones: A taphonomic reassessment of Early Iron Age beef ranching at Nichoria, Greece

In Defense of (Studying) Food: A Classical Zooarchaeologist’s Manifesto

Dr. Dibble’s Twitter Thread on Ancient Greek Chickens

Looking for a transcript of this episode? Click here.

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