Peopling the Past Podcast Season 2 Preview

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Peopling the Past Podcast

And we’re back. That’s right, our popular Peopling the Past Podcast is returning for Season 2. This season, we’ll take listeners on a journey through under-explored aspects of archaeology, history, material culture and everyday life in the ancient Roman world, from Egypt to Italy, Syria to England, Morocco to Turkey, and more!

The new season launches June 1st, but today were giving you a little preview of what’s in store. So, join host Dr. Chelsea Gardner and her new co-host Dr. Melissa Funke as they take you through all the exciting topics that they’ll be covering in Season 2, including Roman bakeries, sewage and drainage systems in Roman North Africa, non-elite burial practices in Italy, and the early cult of the Virgin Mary in the Mediterranean.

Have a listen to our preview of Season 2 below and don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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