Podcast Season 3, Episode 9 – (Not so) Risky Business: the Potential Perils of Childbirth in Ancient Rome with Anna Bonnell Freidin

On this episode of the Peopling the Past Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Ana Bonnell Freidin, an assistant professor of history at the University of Michigan. Listen in, as Dr. Bonnell Freidin talks about risk, pregnancy, and childbirth in the ancient Roman empire, and the ways in which we might engage with notions of community care in the ancient Roman world. Content warning: this episode discusses infant and maternal death.

Podcast Season 3, Episode 8 – Not a Puella, Not Yet a Femina: Roman Girlhood with Lauren Caldwell

On this episode of the Peopling the Past Podcast, we are joined by Dr. Lauren Caldwell, who takes us through her work on puberty and girlhood and the practices that surround these life stages in the Roman Empire.

Blog Post #72: Solving the Riddle of the Sphinx with Thierry Petit

Today we continue to explore modern constructions of east and west with Thierry Petit, who discusses the origins and significance of the Sphinx in the ancient Mediterranean.

Blog Post #65: Necrophobia: Fearing the Walking Dead with Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver

This month we are featuring blogs about the undead in the classical world! This week, Carrie L. Sulosky Weaver discusses beliefs and practices concerning necrophobia (fear of the dead), and revenants (those who return from the dead) in antiquity.

Blog Post #63: Graduate Student Feature with Neal Payne

For today’s Peopling the Past blog post, we present you with another graduate feature. This time we are highlighting the work of Neal Payne, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, whose research investigates the agricultural changes during Roman occupation of what is now modern Yorkshire, UK.

Podcast Season 3, Episode 2 – Call the (Roman) Midwife: Ancient Delivery and Childbirth with Tara Mulder

For our next episode of the Peopling the Past podcast, we are joined by Tara Mulder, an Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia, who talks to us about what a Roman birth may have looked like, who would have been a midwife and what their role was, and how things have changed or stayed the same regarding women and pregnancy from the Roman times to current day.

Peopling the Past Podcast Season 3 Preview

Peopling the Past Podcast is BACK for a third season on a very exciting topic: Women in the Ancient Mediterranean! Join your hosts Dr. Chelsea Gardner and Dr. Melissa Funke for an introduction to SEASON THREE of the Peopling the Past podcast! This season, premiering on May 31, listeners will hear about real women fromContinue reading “Peopling the Past Podcast Season 3 Preview”

Blog Post #57: Crisis, Migration, and Resilience with Stephanie Martin

Next up for our human migration in the past blog series, archaeologist Stephanie Martin gives us a look at her recent work concerning migration in response to the volcanic eruptions of Mount Vesuvius.

Blog Post #48: Treading grapes and crushing olives: the production of wine and oil in the ancient Mediterranean with Dr. Emlyn Dodd

In the second installment of our food-and-drink-themed blog series, we look at the work of Dr. Emlyn Dodd, an archaeologist who explores ancient wine and oil production across the Mediterranean.

Blog Post #47: Pots, People, and Foodways in Roman Republican Italy with Dr. Laura Banducci

To kick off our food-and-drink-themed blog series, we interview Dr. Laura Banducci, who enlightens us about how pottery from the ancient world can tell us how people cooked, and what they ate.