Upcoming Event: Ancient History Day

Peopling the Past is excited to announcing that we will be participating in YouTube Ancient History Day, organized by our friends at Digital Hammurabi! Join us on Saturday, July 24th on the Digital Hammurabi YouTube Channel for a day full videos relating to the ancient world. New videos from some of our favourite creators will be released all day, starting at 7 am EDT, including two new videos by Peopling the Past:

At 8:30 am EDT 12:45 pm EDT (schedule updated), tune in to watch the video by Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell on Paleo-oncology, the study of cancer in the ancient world. Dr. Campbell will discuss evidence for the presence, detection, and treatment of different cancers in the past, including examples from ancient Egypt. You can find Dr. Campbell’s video through the event page, or directly here.

Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell climbing up a ladder out of a tomb in Egypt
Dr. Roselyn A. Campbell
Dr. Kara Cooney walks towards the camera in front of a temple in Egypt
Dr. Kara Cooney

Then, at 1:45 pm EDT 2 pm EDT (schedule updated), you won’t want to miss the video by Dr. Kara Cooney on Women and Power in ancient Egypt! Dr. Cooney will discuss six female rulers from Merneith of Dynasty 1 to Cleopatra, as well as the challenges historians face in understanding the lives of these leaders. You can find Dr. Cooney’s video through the event page, or directly here.

Be sure to tune in all day for exciting videos from Digital Hammurabi, Flint Dibble, Amelia the Archaeologist, Baladria, Dig it with Raven, and many more. Check out the entire lineup of speakers on the event page.

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A Digital Humanities initiative that hosts free, open-access resources for teaching and learning about real people in the ancient world and the people who study them.

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