Blog Post #16: Forgotten Kingdom: The Mitanni, with Mara Horowitz

In our latest instalment of the blog series, “Unknown Peoples”, Dr. Mara Horowitz brings to light the largely unknown Mitanni, a powerful Late Bronze Age state that encompassed parts of northern Syria and southern Turkey.

Blog Post #15: Grad Student Feature with Prabhjeet Johal

In our next grad student feature, Prabhjeet Johal, Joseph Armand Bombardier funded PhD candidate in Art History at the University of Toronto, discusses her dissertation research performing visual and contextual analyses of sculptural reliefs from Parthia and Gandhara. Johal aims to bring new, more localized perspectives on wine culture in these fascinating regions that have often been studied from hellenocentric viewpoints.

Blog Post #14: Grad Student Feature with Aurora E. Camaño

In this week’s graduate student feature, we are highlighting the work of Aurora E. Camaño, a Ph.D. candidate at Simon Fraser University, which uses social memory, restorative nostalgia and landscape archaeology to study the forced migration of peoples from the medieval Kingdoms of Armenia and their resettlement in Cilicia.