Podcast Season 2, Episode 2 – Grave Matters: Resting Places for Regular People with Liana Brent

Headshot of Dr. Liana Brent in front of a bookshelf.
Dr. Liana Brent

On Season 2, Episode 2 of the Peopling the Past podcast, we are joined by Dr. Liana Brent, who is Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Classics at Kenyon College. Dr. Brent works on death and burial practices in ancient Rome and she was the assistant director of the excavations at the Vagnari Cemetery at Gravina in Puglia, Italy.

Listen in, as Dr. Brent tells us all about her work on Roman burials and grave reuse, using her excavations at the Vagnari Cemetery as a case study for this discussion.

Brent, L. 2017. “Disturbed, Damaged and Disarticulated: Grave Reuse in Roman Italy,” in Cascino, R. et al. (edd.), TRAC 2016: Proceedings of the Twenty-Sixth Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (Roma) 37–50.

Brent, L. 2020. “Sealed and Revealed: Roman Grave-Opening Practices,” Journal of Roman Archaeology 33, 129–46.

Looking for a transcript of this episode? Click here.
Dr. Liana Brent surveying while looking into a total station.
Dr. Liana Brent using a total station
Archaeological photo of several stones covering a grave in situ.
Cappuccina Grave Cover (Brent 2017, Fig. 1).
The location of Vagnari in Italy highlighted by a location marker on a Google Earth map.
Goggle Earth map highlighting the location of Vagnari.
Location of Vagnari pinpointed on a map of southern Italy with a star.
Vagnari Map (Emery et al. 2018, Fig. 1).

Small, A.M. et al. 2007. “Excavation in the Roman Cemetery at Vagnari, in the Territory of Gravina in Puglia, 2002,” Papers of the British School at Rome 75, 123–229.

Prowse, T.L. 2016. “Isotopes and Mobility in the Ancient Roman World,” in de Ligt, L. and L.E. Tacoma (edd.), Migration and Mobility in the Early Roman Empire (Studies in Global Social History 23) 205–33.

Emery, M.V. et al. 2018. “Ancient Roman Mitochondrial Genomes and Isotopes Reveal Relationships and Geographic Origins at the Local and Pan-Mediterranean Scales,” Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 20, 200–09.

Interested in learning more about diverse mortuary practices across the Mediterranean world? Check out this video by Dr. Carrie Arbuckle on Egyptian coffins.

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