Blog Post #42: Graduate Student Feature with Alice Clinch

This week on the Peopling the Past blog we feature an interview with Alice Clinch, PhD candidate at Cornell University and Leverhulme Trust SAS Fellow. Alice discusses the questions she brings to the procurement, production, and use of various materials, from plaster to marble, bridging the art-science divide in approaching archaeological material.

Podcast Season 2, Episode 5 – In Living Colour: Painting and Pigments with Hilary Becker

On this episode of the Peopling the Past podcast, we are joined by Dr. Hilary Becker, an assistant professor classics at Binghamton University.

Listen in, as Dr. Becker explains the role of pigments in the ancient world, including their use in medication, cosmetics and, of course, painting. We also get to talk about her excavations at Sant’Omobono and the possible discovery of Rome’s only surviving pigment shop.